Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions shall prevail for all products sold through this website unless otherwise explicitly stated in writing, to the exclusion of any terms and conditions stipulated by the buyer, henceforth referred to as Purchaser. No agent, representative, go-between, or personnel of CompCardCreations, henceforth referred to as the Company, transacting in behalf of the Company, is authorized to modify or remove any part or all of the terms and conditions. The Purchaser’s acknowledgment of delivered goods is tantamount to acceptance of these terms and conditions.

The Company must be informed immediately upon receipt of any delivered product which contains a discrepancy in quantity or damage incurred during conveyance. Acceptance by the Purchaser of the delivered goods constitutes acceptance of the correctness of the quantity and quality of the goods as stated in the invoice, as if the delivered product has not been impaired in quantity or damaged in transportation.

Goods proven to be defective at the time of delivery, and which defects the Company has evaluated and acknowledges to be solely the fault of sub-par materials or below-standard manufacturing, shall be fixed, restored or replaced by the Company, if reported within 1 weeks after delivery date, provided that:

i. the defect is communicated to the Company immediately upon detection; and

ii. the defect was not caused by any deliberate action to damage the product, negligence and carelessness, or improper use, installation, application, storage or assembly of the product, or reasonable wear-and-tear; and

iii. the defective product is returned within 1 month upon detection of the defect, if so required by the Company.

There is no other explicitly stated warranty issued by the Company except the warranty stated under these Terms and Conditions. Any other statement or representation - whether implicit or explicit, whether written or spoken, whether legal or illegal – that endorses or guarantees the quality of products, are hereby omitted and excluded to the full measure permissible by law.

Subject only to the third condition, the Company excludes to the full application permitted by law any liability whatsoever to the Purchaser or any other party for any damages, costs, or losses arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of products purchased from or services provided by the Company, whether directly or indirectly. This exclusion of liability extends to damages, costs, or losses resulting from breach of agreement, shortcomings or negligence by the Company and its representatives in matters relating to the products delivered and services rendered; and the Company restricts whatever liability it might bear to the maximum amount as invoiced for the price of the subject product or services.

Before any product can be returned to the Company, the Purchaser must first secure a written authority for the return of the item from the Company.

The Company must be afforded reasonable opportunity to inspect the product and the circumstances with which a warranty claim is being demanded. Failure by the claimant to extend this opportunity to the Company may render the claim null and void.

The Company will exert its best efforts to expedite delivery, however, the stated delivery dates are estimates only. Actual delivery date may differ from this estimated date, and the Purchaser must acknowledge this upon actual date of receipt. The Company shall not be answerable for any costs, damages, or losses that the Purchaser or any other party may incur as a consequence of delays in delivering the product.

Payment in full is due not later than 10 days after delivery of products sold on account, unless the agreement between Purchaser and the Company states otherwise. Any default in payment, whether in full or in installments as agreed under this contract or any other agreement with the Company, gives the Company the right to decide whether to defer or cancel subsequent deliveries partly or completely.

The title to or ownership of the products shall continue to be in the Company’s name until the full price is paid by the Purchaser. Only then can ownership be passed to the Purchaser. The Company may resort to a legal option in the effort to collect unpaid amounts which have fallen due and demandable. Legal action can commence at any time after the due date to recoup collectible amount as invoiced for the product ordered by the Purchaser.

The Company’s liability for breach of contract is limited to instances not caused by force majeure and hostile conflicts, such as wars, riots, strikes, and civil disturbances, whether directly or indirectly.  

Orders cannot be reduced or voided if it has already been processed and accepted by the Company without a written concurrence with the Company.

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